SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium ATL theming

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

ATL was chosen as the specialist supplier of a range of stunning new exhibits for the soon to be opened SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium Continue reading →

ATL produce prefabricated aquarium displays for SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

New exhibits and displays designed for Legoland Malaysia aquarium attraction

ATL complete site installation in SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium attraction

Eden project expedition space

Eden project expedition space

ATL provides its acrylic tunnel sections to the Eden project expedition space feature new for summer 2018. Continue reading →

ATL tunnels used in Eden space exhibtion

Acrylic walk through tunnels by ATL

ATL install 1st tunnel for Eden project

ATL domes

Jurassic World 2 the fallen kingdom and ATL

ATL has recently been involved with the latest block buster movie Jurrasic World 2 the Fallen Kingdom. ATL's acrylic domes were used to create gyrospheres for the movie. The underwater gyrosphere scenes were filmed using ATL's domes. Continue reading →

ATL supplies technology to Jurrasic world 2 the fallen kingdom

ATL domes used to build gyrosheres

Jurrasic world 2 special effects project

Fairy penguins in Weymouth

Fairy penguins in Weymouth

Fairy penguins in Weymouth. ATL provide waterproofing, viewing panels and rockwork theming to the newest Antipodean residents of the SEALIFE park. Continue reading →

Fairy penguins in Weymouth

ATL provide linings , LSS piping, underwater windows and theming

Fast track penguin pool project completed by ATL team

ATL supply tank for LUMOES project

ATL supply tank for the LUMOES project

ATL supply the tank for the LUMOES project Continue reading →

ATL build bespoke tank for LUMOES

Educational and conservation display

ATL prefabricated aquarium display

SEALIFE Malaysia aquarium

ATL tanks in the latest Japan attraction

The ATL team have completed their works which see's ATL tanks used for the latest Japan attraction. A series of major aquarium displays has been supplied to a new visitor attraction. The brand new hotel LEGOLAND in Nagoya adjoins a SEALIFE aquarium attraction opening in April. Continue reading →

ATL produce tanks for a new SEALIFE project in Japan

High quality ATL displays supplied to LEGOLAND Nagoya aquarium

ATL complete Nagoya aquarium project

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