The Professional Team Behind ATL’s Unrivalled Success

Aquarium Technology Ltd. is a private limited company wholly and exclusively owned by its directors, officers and employees. The participation of employees in the ownership of ATL is an ideal which has been followed since the company was established in 1996 and has resulted in a highly motivated and focused team with negligible labor turnover.

The company is led by founder and chairman, Nick Stantiford who, together with Managing Director, Kevin Turner, count a combined total of nearly 50 years experience in the aquarium industry with previous careers in medium engineering and volume manufacturing. A strong and experienced project management team is backed up with our own designer Justin Sheppard. Together with the administrative support of Nina Amor who plays an increasing role in the company’s day to day operations.

In house manufacturing is led by Gerry Johnson with the support a team of specialist technicians. The logistically demanding area of site installation and commissioning is overseen by our team of uniquely experienced Supervisors, Paul Flowers, Phil Boniwell and Gary Neal. Phil and Paul have a combined total of nearly 60 years service in the field of displays installation, probably making them the most experienced installers in the world today, whilst Gary has been looking after aquarium plumbing and life support system installation for something over 25 years.

A unique team, running a unique company offering a unique service.