ATL produce even larger acrylic domes

ATL produce even larger acrylic domes

ATL produce even larger acrylic domes. ATL maximum acrylic dome is now 2400mm diameter in 40mm thick clear cast acrylic. Continue reading →

ATL increase their maximum dome size to 2.4m diameter

Significant R & D project brings sucess

ATL successfully produce 16 large domes

ATL secure the next China contract

ATL secure the next China contract

ATL secure the next China project. New displays are underway and advancing rapidly towards shipment. Continue reading →

ATL secure the next China contract

Stunning new aquarium tanks underway

ATL quality plug and play displays

ATL artificial coral range

ATL artificial coral sent to Japan

The demand for ATL artificial coral is increasing. The latest shipment has been sent to Japan. Continue reading →

ATL supply artificial corals to Japan

ATL fish friendly coral range

ATL corals are used in global aquarium projects

ATL tank for Pula acrylic

ATL tank for Pula Aquarium

ATL have completed an aquarium cylinder tank for Pula aquarium in Croatia in just 7 weeks. Continue reading →

ATL rise to the challenge and complete tank for Pula Aquarium in just 7 weeks

ATL's first Croatian aquarium project

ATL prefabricated displays allow plug and play installations

ATL penguin viewing

ATL Penguin display opens in Southend

ATL penguin display opens its doors in the revamped Southend sealife adventure. The latest UK penguin pool project is now finished and open. Penguins enjoy their new home. Continue reading →

UK's newest penguin pool project opens in Southend

ATL provides penguin pool water proofing, viewing panels and LSS installation

New tropical fresh water plug and play tanks including cylinder and large look through view tank

Meet the team

ATL aquarium products and services

2016 was a very busy year for ATL. ATL leaders in aquarium technology. Our tanks and services have been used in projects across the world. Continue reading →

ATL aquariums, viewing panels and LSS installs used

ATL achieve successful projects in the UK, Europe and Asia

ATL build on their success

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